In Need Of American Visa? Nigerian Based In US Shares How To Get Promptly In Pre-Wedding Shoot

Ayodeji, we will be getting married in May decided sharing his best moments abroad with his lover and fiancée, Victoria.
mr olatunji1
In his message as they share pre-wedding photos, he wrote:
mr olatunji3
“We have a short interesting story to share. Victoria was born in Ibadan, Nigeria and moved to USA when she was a baby. And so was I, born, bred, schooled and lived for a while in Nigeria before I had to obey the clarion call overseas.
mr olatunji2
“So we met about a couple of years ago here in Ohio, USA. First, we were friends and later we became more than friends. She is now a resident doctor and I’m currently in school for my post grads in Computer Software/ Engineering and also with NCR. I’m currently using this as a point of contact to anyone currently processing or willing to travel abroad or most especially the USA, the same God that gave it to me on my first trial and virgin passport is still alive.”

Congrats to the couple.