Nollywood Actress In Messy Scandal With Butcher Over N10K & Goat Head!

The pretty actress who was once an aide of Governor Rochas of Imo Sate, has been called out by her butcher for owing him the sum of N10,000.

The actress, who had her birthday recently hired a butcher through a contractor to help butcher a goat for the party.

As the custom was with butchers, this particular one went away with the goat head but the actress insisted on having the goat head before she would pay his balance.

The butcher through the contractor begged the actress for his balance to no avail. So they decided to call her out on social media.

For her response, the actress put this up on her Instagram handle:

“The tree fell from the banana and the banana fell from the tree, even me I don’t know where the banana is #whereisthebanana#whereismygoathead.”