Gov Ajimobi’s Only Son Defends Wife’s Dressing…Says “She’s The Best North Offered”

Recently, the Oyo State Governor Abiola Ajimobi’s only son, Idris celebrated his 30th birthday.
Idris is the newly married husband to the Kano State Governor’s daughter, Fateema.
The couple had their extravagant wedding some weeks ago.
So, to celebrate his 30th birthday, friends, family members especially his sisters, shared his photos and wished him well on his special day.
His boisterous wife didn’t hesitate to share lovely thoughts on her new hubby’s birthday.

Idris and nephew

Well, when the celebrator, Idris decided saying a thank you to all, he shared a family photo and captioned his thank you message.
Then, a troll came up and commented on ‘Fateema’s indecent dressing and pedigree.”
Prompto. Idris delivered a speech. He wrote: “Dressing like how? I’m not complaining of her representation of me, I personally believe she looked stunning on the evening. How dare you claim I did not marry a decent Hausa girl from a decent home! Are you from a decent home? Who says so? You? Me? WHAT GIVES YOU OR I THE RIGHT? I found and married the best young woman the North had to offer! She is the most beautiful, intelligent and passionate young woman I know! She was raised by two upstanding and dedicated civil servants who continue to serve their country. But yet here you are disrespecting their home without having walked a mile in their shoes. But I don’t blame you, it’s because your not from a decent home! She is the woman you wish you could be but can never measure up to. I don’t know where you get your information from but according to you I married a Hausa girl! YOU ARE SO WRONG, I married a Fulani Princess, a Northern princess and a Nigerian Queen that in mythological Greece would likely have been a Goddess! I am extremely proud to have @fateeaaajimobi by my side. She is MY WIFE AND NONE OF YOUR CONCERN? May Allah (SWT) grant you a blessed day.”
The troll’s comment has been deleted.