Yewande Adekoya Atlantagate: Nigerian Blogger Sends Open Invitation To Actress

Two days after actress, Yewande Adekoya’s legal representative sent a letter threatening to sue Kemi Ashefon for unveiling the house confinement she was subjected to as a result of a bank/credit card fraud in Atlanta USA, a Nigerian blog, has sent an open invitation to the Nollywood actress to take steps and clear her name of the scandal.

The statement which was sent to Yewande’s management reads:

“This is an open invitation to popular Yoruba actress Yewande Adekoya to meet at the premises of NTA in Agodi Ibadan anytime this week.

This is to clear herself of the mess hanging over her neck.

Instead of cursing out blogger (s), let her come straight and meet in NTA Ibadan this week.

She has been threatening brimstone and fire on those trying to tarnish her image, madam if you are truly in Nigeria as you claimed, come on NTA.

Those in the know in Atlanta are still claiming that Yewande Adekoya is lying to Nigerians to cover up her messy scandal.

Email sent to Atlanta Police for her case was never replied, so that means something is not clear here.

The essence of this open invitation madam is not to shame you but to hear your own side of the story.

You have been claiming to be in Nigeria all this while but you are yet to officially tell us your own side of the story.

So instead of using threat to shut up those in the know, why not come forward and meet our crew this week.

Stop threatening bloggers with lawsuit or jail term. You are not God neither are you a touch not entity.

Nobody in his or her right mind will just cook up stories to tarnish your image.

Stop using empty threat to cover up the fact on ground.

Release a press statement to distance yourself from the report instead of threatening to put bloggers in jail, then come forward on national TV if you are currently in Nigeria.

Your house arrest report that was first reported by Kemi Ashefon was confirmed by sources in Atlanta.

We are extending this honourable invitation to you to hear your own side of the story madam.

If you will like to schedule a different location and date, write

Note: Will be in Ibadan for a speaking engagement throughout this week before returning to Lagos on Sunday.

Looking forwarding to meeting with you madam.