Wande Coal Replies Babymama, “You Lied! You Gave My Pregnancy To Another Man”

Hip Hop sensation, Wande Coal,who was accused of abduction by his babymama, Temitope, has decided to respond to all allegations.
Earlier in the week, Temitope had granted an interview and exposed how as a 16-year-old, she was impregnated by Wande Coal and abandoned. She also said Wande’s mum took the child from her eight years ago and she hadn’t seen her child ever since!

But the artiste denied all the allegations and revealed that Temitope denied him the opportunity of caring for not only the pregnancy but his baby when it was born! To him, Temitope had taken the pregnancy to another man who claimed paternity.
In a statement issued today, Wande said:
“I want to start by saying that the only truth that has been said so far, is that the child is my son. Everything else is a lie.
My mother took the child and her sister to our house for a week. After that week, Temitope left and has not returned since to check on the child. In 2011, my mother reached out to her and told her that she was disappointed in her.
She promised to come visit the child. She never did. Temitope was in a “fashion school” which she left for reasons best known to her. Not because of the baby as she was married to someone else.

My mother paid for a full session in another fashion school to make sure she had something to support herself. She stopped attending three months after she started.

If my mother didn’t want to see her, why would she do that for her? I must also clarify, that when I knew her, she was 20 years old. My parents are respectable and God fearing people. Temitope, stop telling lies. .

You have a chance to correct this error. No one has stopped you from seeing the child. No one will. If you truly care about the child as you claim, you and your family should reach out to my family.”