Toyin Aimakhu Confesses…”I’m Still Married To Adeniyi Johnson”

Their marriage crashed in 2016.

With a barrage of allegations levelled against each other – infidelity, attempted murder and much more—none could salvage the young marriage between Nollywood actress Toyin Abraham formally known as Toyin Aimakhu and co-actor Adeniyi Johnson.

It crashed like a pack of badly stacked cards.

Just as the two went their separate ways and dated other persons, everyone thought it was over.

But its not over yet for Toyin and Adeniyi Johnson.

However, news reaching us is that since their separation last year, the two who happen to have moved on with their lives are still very much married albeit just as a legal status.

A close source to the actress shared that last year, Toyin’s lawsuit had reached out to the actress’ estranged husband about the divorce and they had both agreed to meet.

He revealed, “Toyin’s lawyer had called Niyi to finalise the divorce. Instead of Niyi’s lawyer contacting Toyin’s, Niyi showed up at the meeting alone without his lawyer at the mall in Ikeja.

After deliberations and discussions, Niyi said he would like to consult some people first and he should be allowed to get in touch with his lawyer and agreed to get back to them. When they didn’t hear from him, Toyin tried reaching out to him personally to sort the issue but as we speak Toyin is yet to hear from him as well.”

This means that the two are still very much married. We are yet to reach out to the actor on his reasons for the delay as these two have shown no signs of reconciliation.

In recent times, Toyin Abraham (Aimakhu) has become one of the most sought after actresses in both the English and Yoruba speaking sectors making her several people’s darling.

All calls to Adeniyi Johnson’s proved abortive as his lines are off.