Too Young To Marry? Groom 24, Bride 20 “Start Early” Groom Advises

Their wedding pictures went viral on social media and many believed they were too young to be called husband and wife.

The groom, Areoye Oyewole, an Ordinary National Diploma holder from the Moshood Abiola Polytechnic , works as a phone technician at the Computer Village, Ikeja Lagos, while his wife, former Miss Damilola Tijani is a Make-Up Artist.

Reacting to their photo that went viral, the new groom enthused:

“I woke up to this. Baby @damsel_makeover_ We are Stars.Whoever put on us. Thanks O. I am Happily Married with the love of my life. I am so happy I started so fast, and on the last note; Pregnancy didn’t prompt our marriage! It was what we wanted. We have been dating since 2012 (We weren’t doing anything o). Thanks you all for the good wishes. My advice to you all; Start early when you can and have the means to take care of your family !!! Check my Bio if you have business for me. Let me feed our Baby
.” (sic)