Tonto Dikeh Now Friends With Husband’s First Wife Says “We Relate Like Sisters”

For Nollywood actress, Tonto Dikeh, who has been in the news for a while over her crashed marriage to Oladunni Churchill, the best healing comes when you befriend victims of same fate.
So, the mother of one sought solace in the arms of her husband’s former wife!
Named Mrs Bimbo Coker, she was the first wife of the President, Big Church Foundation, Oladunni Churchill.

According to Tonto, she didn’t know that her estranged husband was married when she started dating him.


She said in the interview with Media Room Hub, “He lied to me that he didn’t have a child, he even lied to me about not being married. I didn’t even know he was married until the day they posted the picture of the wedding. He didn’t tell me he had a child, he always lied about it, I don’t know how I found out but I did find her.”

The beautiful mother of one who has moved out of her matrimonial home due to Domestic Violence, revealed she can no longer hear properly with one of her ears. Advising victims of violence in marriage, she said,

“I have deaf ears, I can’t hear properly with my left ear, I have broken ribs, if I had died, some other women will train my child. Is that what you want for your child? I didn’t have a mother growing up, and I know the effect it had on me. I want to live for my children, you have to live for your children because they say children are the future, our future. We have to be better people for our children, we really have to. I just want to use this medium to say to everybody that this really hurt me so much and I would really like to let it die. I want to move ahead with my life, I want to go forward, I have a son that I have to live for, to take care. This is not the end of my life, I just want all the bad energy away and I want to focus, I want to focus on God and my son.”

Back to the first woman that married Churchill, Tonto said she is having a cordial relationship with her.

“Mrs. Bimbo Coker, my husband’s first wife, she’s been amazing, we talk like sisters and her words have healed me so much, much more than any family member I’ve spoken to because she’s been in that position.”