Toke Makinwa Says She Hates Cooking Because It Makes Her Sweat

Not all women suffer in the kitchen. Not many go through the stress of spending hours cooking and standing in the kitchen to prepare meals.

Media Personality and vlogger, Toke Makinwa is one of such.

The fashionable On Air Personality, who was married to Maje Ayida, is one of the most controversial OAPs in Nigeria.

Pretty, in her 30s and very comfortable, Toke Makinwa wears the best of clothes, accessories and lives in a highbrow area in Lagos, where she is said to have quite a handful of domestic staff.

The author the “On Becoming”, Toke has revealed she hates cooking.

According to the fashionista, cooking will make her sweat and smell and she hates anything like that. She added that junks always comes to her rescue because they do not require stress.

 In a tweet she shared, Toke said, “I walked into my kitchen ready to cook and walked out with a glass of wine in my hands, cooking is not for me, all that sweat and smell yuck, crackers to the rescue..maybe I’ll try tomorrow.”

In the book which she wrote in 2016, Toke, revealed all that led to her divorce.

The pretty power-dresser later filed a divorce suit against her former husband in a Lagos court and she instituted Maje and his Baby Mama, Anita Solomon, as respondents.

From the petitions filed, Toke said it all—Maje was unfaithful, the marriage ceased to exist on November 8, 2015 when she could not stand the repeated adulterous acts of the man.  Maje had a baby outside their marriage.