Dear Kemi,
I’m a civil servant in my 30s. I live in Abuja and I’m engaged to a lady, whom
I love. She also loves me too but I’m confused on this matter.

Due to the high
cost of rents in Abuja city, I live in a village very close to the capital city and I’ve also built my house there. But my fiancée said she
would not live in a place like that and that she wanted the choice area in town,
which I can’t afford due to my level now. She refused to agree with me on where to live. What do I do? Should I marry this
girl or search for another?


Then, let her know that you can’t leave your personal house to get a flat in a
choice area. Where does she expect you to get the funds from? An understanding fiancée
should know what level you are financially and
should support you. She just wants to pester you to fulfill her desire of
living in a choice area in Abuja. Well, if she can afford it, let her go ahead and
rent the flat, just let her know that you would never leave a house you built
with your sweat and go to live in a rented apartment. If she wants to leave you,
don’t you think that is good riddance to bad rubbish? You have to think twice
before marrying this lady, she may never be a good and understanding wife in
future. Beware!