Sex-for-marks Victim, Monica Osagie Reveals, “OAU Authorities Knew About Incident Before It Went Viral”

The Obafemi Awolowo University post-graduate student involved in the sex case, Monica Osagie has denied shunning an invitation by the panel probing audio tapes of her conversation with disgraced Professor Richard Akindele, who demanded five rounds of sex for marks.

According to Monica Osagie who disclosed that she was awaiting an invitation by the panel, the university did not at any point invite her to face the panel. Her proxy Abiola Akiyode-Afolabi, Founder, Women Advocates Research and Documentation Centre, a non-profit organisation, challenged the university to bring evidence that she was formally invited by any means to appear before the panel.

“Before the matter went viral, the university was aware of it and they did not do anything. If the case did not go viral, the university probably would have not done anything and it would have been swept under the carpet.
“I think that we should focus more on whether the act of that professor amounts to sexual harassment, whether it was a breach of the school’s code of conduct, whether it was a breach of terms of contract for lecturers or whether he abused the relationship that should exist between lecturers and students,” she said.

The lady further argued that the University should be responsible and responsive in addressing issues of sexual harassment, because Miss Osagie is ready to come out whenever the university extends a proper invitation to her, adding that it appears the school wants to protect its reputation at the expense of the young lady.

“Let the university do what they are supposed to do by giving her proper invitation. They have all her records because she is their student. The panel has never invited her, so when the panel invites her today, she would come.
“She didn’t release the audio. She got the evidence and it was given to one or two people when she was seeking for help. So definitely one of them released the audio, and she cannot be blamed for it.”

Meanwhile, Monica has now been summoned to appear before the investigative panel probing the incident on Tuesday.
The invitation came barely 24 hours after her lawyer and Executive Director of Women Advocates Research and Documentation Centre, Dr. Abiola Akiyode-Afolabi, claimed that the victim had not been invited by any panel.
But it was not clear why the letter dated April 19 2018 was not immediately released to her.

The letter inviting Monica Osagie dated April 19 2018 from the Office of the Secretary, Post-Graduate College.
The letter with Ref. No: ADP 15/16/H/1424 entitled:
Re: Investigative panel on alleged harassment of a female student: Detailed audio recording: Request for the presentation of Miss Osagie Monica Oselode”, was signed by the OAU Deputy Registrar and Post-Graduate College Secretary, Mrs. A.O. Fadeyibi.
The letter reads:
I write at the instance of the Provost, Post-Graduate College to invite you to appear before the investigative panel on alleged harassment of a female student detailed in audio recording at its meeting which will come up at 10:00am on Tuesday April 24 2018.
“Please be informed that on arrival, you are required to call the Secretary to the panel to facilitate your appearance before the panel. Thank you.”