Peter Obi: 28,000 Sign Petition Seeking To Nullify Brymo’s AFRIMA Nomination

It’s been a week since famous Nigerian singer Olawale Ashimi, known as Brymo, subtly suggested that the Igbos in Nigeria are not ripe for the presidency and took swipes at the supporters of the presidential candidate of the Labour Party, Peter Obi.

The remarks have incurred the wrath of the Igbos and Mr Obi’s supporters.

Now, a petition which began six days ago seeking to stop his nomination for the 2022 All Africa Music Award (AFRIMA) has garnered 28,000 signatures.

The goal is 35,000 signatures.

The petition started by one Charles Ogundele accused the singer of putting up a series of hateful messages on Twitter toward the Igbo tribe of Nigeria, going as far as retweeting a tweet which said that all Igbos are senseless.

“His actions spark disunity and hatred in attention there. Preventing him from winning the All Africa Music Award would send a strong message to him, and people like him, that he can’t get away with such blatant ethnic bigotry,” the petition reads.

Although the petition was started by Mr Ogundele, who does not seem to have any digital footprint, the first time it was shared on social media was by a Twitter user who goes by the name Uche with the handle @I_amSteady.


The singer was nominated in the 8th AFRIMA, which kicks off on Thursday in the Songwriter of the Year Category.

The song ‘Fura Sára’, off his ninth album, ‘Esan’, earned him the nomination.

He will be going up against Bridget Blue and JibrilBlessing(Kenya), Daniel Baron (South Africa), Iba One (Mali), Lloyiso Mandlovandile Gigana and Luke Goliath (South Africa).

Others are Martin Obudho (Kenya), Matias Damasio (Angola), Mordecai ‘Dex’ Mini (Kenya), Rokia Kone and Garret Lee, (Mali) and Sidy Diop (Senegal).

The petition went viral on Twitter and other social media platforms, causing it to trend for days.

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