Nursing Mum/Actress Bukola Adeeyo Flaunts Sexy Body

After unveiling Baby daddy, Bello Oladipo Ibraheem, popularly called Omobasanjay, who is also a Nollywood actor, actress and new mum, Bukola Adeeyo unveils post-natal sexy body.

With fuller breasts, sexier thighs and a glowing skin, Bukola, whose baby girl, Janelle was born in July 2017, seems repackaged for her career.

The Abeokuta, Ogun State-based actress, had always been rumoured to have been in an amorous affair with star actor, Odunlade Adekola, who helped with her career success.

Until she unveiled Omobasanjay, many blogs (not Kemiashefonlovehaven) wrote that Odunlade Adekola fathered her baby, Janelle.
She vehemently denied it with an official statement on her social media pages.

The duo (Odunlade and Bukola) had always claimed a father-daughter relationship with Bukola calling him ‘Daddy.’
As a matter of fact, her spiral rise in the make-believe industry especially in clinching juicy roles that placed her ahead of others, have been attributed to an alleged relationship with Odunlade, who churns out movies several times in a year.