My mother beats upmy girlfriend

Dear Kemi,
My mother beats up my girlfriend!
I am dating a woman who is eight years older
than me. She also has a 10-year-old daughter. I love her dearly and would not
want to lose her but my mother is against the relationship. She had assaulted
this lady to the extent that they were taken to the police station!

Though the
assault from my mother had stopped, she constantly complains of my mother.
Lately a guy is asking her out and she seemed to be giving him the attention.
What do I do now? I can’t live without her and my mother had accused her of
casting a spell on me.

Warri, Delta State.
Don’t you think it is safe to allow
her date someone else? She must have thought well about this and decided to
move on with another guy. Your mother may never like her and if you insist on
marrying her, there could be an unending feud in your home between these women.
But if your girlfriend is still interested in you and ready to accept your
family members, I think she should settle whatever rift she had with your
mother. Moreover, I think she should assure your mother of her love for you
because the crust of the matter is the fact that she is older than you and your
mother nurses some fears about this.