Mercy Aigbe: Husband Begs Publicly Says, “Despite All, I Don’t Love You Less”

With fireworks flying from both actress Mercy Aigbe and her husband, Lanre Gentry, the photo-sharing portal, Instagram went on fire!

Well, someone must have scolded the hotelier husband because he suddenly put off his ‘fireworks’ and tendered an apology to his wife.

He wrote, “For peace to reign, I’m going to bury all hatchet and break the bone of contention between myself and Mercy Aigbe Gentry. I’m sorry to those who I’ve hurt with my action and comment/words. Mercy, you claimed that I’m begging you behind curtains, OK here I am begging you openly. I’m sorry!!!
This drama is exhausting and I’m done with it all. Despite all that’s been happening; I don’t love you less. I still see you as the mother of my children and I want to give you the respect to that regard. Thanks to each and everyone who’s preached peace; may God perfect all that is yours.
Special thanks to Adeola Kujenya, I truly appreciate you.
God bless us all!!!! Amen.’

On the morning of June 29, actress and mother of two, Mercy Aigbe released a video of her assault by husband, Lanre Gentry.
Her husband later mocked her that she was telling a lie and he had never laid his hands on her. She threatened to release more exhibits of her violation several times in Gentry’s home and released one that showed she almost went blind due to punches!
The seven-year-old union which produced a son made headlines when on Friday April 28; photos of a battered Mercy Aigbe-Gentry went viral online!
She was said to have been battered by her husband, Lanre Gentry and had suffered injuries on her face.
The actress moved out of her marriage, reported to the Anti-Domestic Violence Unit of the Lagos State Ministry of Women Affairs and the husband was charged to court. He spent seven days at the Kirikiri prisons after which he was released on bail.

The case is still in court but adjourned till July.