Mercy Aigbe-Gentry Changes To Maiden Name… Drops Gentry

So, Mercy Aigbe-Gentry has finally removed her husband’s name from her Instagram handle? Mercy changes name (1)

She is now @realmercyaigbe unlike when she was @Mercyaigbegentry
The husband who was dragged to court by his wife over the assault he alleged meted out on her, was absent in court today.

He claimed to be on hospital admission.

With this latest move from the actress its obvious the marriage had crashed and not ready for make room for any reconciliation.

Meanwhile, Lanre Gentry has been posting every photo of his wife and saying he loves her.

Mercy called him out today and declared he has been issuing death threats to her.

According to her, if he claims to love her, he wouldn’t have injured her in the skull. She also posted the result of the CT scan done on her skull.
The four-year-old union that has produced a son was placed on the front burner of discussions on Friday April 28, when pictures of a battered Mercy’s face went viral on social media. The actress’ husband Lanre Gentry was said to have inflicted the injuries on her while the couple had a fight during the Easter holiday. Also in the media was a copy of a CT scan she carried out after the violence on her which indicated that she had a fracture in her skull.
She was reported to have been on admission at a hospital where she was treated as a result of the assault.