Marlians Attack Pastor Sam Adeyemi

Naira Marley

They thought he was referring to them being faithful followers of Naira Marley.

But Senior Pastor, Daystar Christian Centre Sam Adeyemi has addressed the misconceptions arising from a statement he made about Malians.

Adeyemi had tweeted on Tuesday that Malians can lead their country back to prosperity after a coup which brought down the government of President Ibrahim Keïta.

 “Malians have a unique opportunity to lay a new foundation for Mali to become a developed economy. Fervently hoping that citizens and the new leadership will have this vision, agree on the values that will make it achievable, and hold leadership accountable for the execution,” he wrote.

His statement was misunderstood by some persons who thought he was referring to the supporters of controversial singer Naira Marley.

 “What is happening? I wrote ‘Malians’ in a tweet but some people saw ‘Marlians’. Our brains are biased when it comes to seeing,” Adeyemi reacted.

Marlians is a term used to describe supporters of Naira Marley.