I want to be second wife

Dear Kemi,
am 30 years old but single. I have been dating a married man, who has a child,
for a year and a half. He has been catering for my needs and even my family. He
showers me with love, gifts and I truly love him. Now, I am under pressure to
get married. Already, no bachelor has been asking me out. I have had several
broken relationships in the past but this man once took me to his village to
meet his mother. Though, no formal introduction, he promised to see my family
members very soon. Do I call off the affair for intending suitors to come? I
don’t want to lose him. Some of my friends said I could be mocked for being a
second wife, others shunned off the idea but do I go ahead and marry him? Or will
a bachelor come one day?
Kemi advises,
I have always believed
that polygamy is not fanciful, no matter the money involved. Even if he can
afford to keep two homes, you should know that marriage entails more than
money. What are his reasons for wanting another wife? What kind of mother does
he have? What transpires in his home to make him opt for another wife? You need
to know all these because you could also face whatever his first wife faced. If
you are ready to be a second wife, you should know that more women, who will
also go to see his mother, are coming. Maybe some suitors are coming but you
are so committed to this affair and what it offers you that you don’t even know
when the right suitor comes. Dating a married man and trying to get a young
bachelor to marry is Herculean, especially when your people have decided for
you. Think very well because not all that glitters is gold.