Lionel Messi Has Spoken After World Cup Defeat

Argentina and PSG superstar Lionel Messi has finally spoken about their defeat to Saudi Arabia. It is a hard pill to swallow and very painful. Messi has told the Argentine fans they will fight for everything and will never forget the fans support. See the interview below:

Lionel Messi🇦🇷: “There are no excuses. We have to be more united than ever. This group is strong and has shown it. It’s a situation we haven’t gone through in a long time. Now we have to show that this is a real team.”

“We knew that the Saudi national team had good players, moved the ball well and advance a lot. We worked on that, but we rushed a bit.”

“We scored quickly and had disallowed goal situations which were very good.”

“We knew that if we let them play, they would do well.”

“It’s a very tough blow for everyone, we didn’t expect to start like this. Things happen for a reason.

We have to prepare for what’s coming, we have to win or win and it’s up to us.”

“We have to go back to the very foundation of who we are and think about what’s to come.”

“To win against Mexico and things settle down again, it’s up to us.”

“People have to trust that this group will not leave them stranded.”

“I ask the fans to trust us.. This group will not let them down.”

Argentina has lost to Saudi Arabia and will have to play against Poland and Mexico. Those are the 2 matches that will decide their faith. Will they qualify or be escorted back to their nation after losing? Nothing is certain in football.
What are your thoughts on the Argentine’s road to qualification?