7 Signs that she is cheating on you

·  1.She puts more effort into looking
You may like her just the way she is, but that won’t
stop her from trying to dazzle her new fling. Just as you tried to impress each
other at the beginning of your relationship, she tries to impress her new flame
with a sudden urge to improve her style, change her make-up and alter her
physical appearance for the new man in her life.
2.She is secretive about her schedule
She may claim to no longer have time for any
extracurricular activities with you, yet she has time for her girlfriends’
calls. Disclosing her itinerary to you at the last minute and over-looking your
plans in the process can mean many things—she does not forget, rather she is
leaving you out. 
·     3. She
detaches herself from your family
The fact that she no longer wants to attend your
family’s functions or hang with your friends is one of the signs that she
cheats on you. This sign may be indicative of remorse on her part, which means
that she likely feels guilty about cheating.
4.4. She nags incessantly
Every sentiment you express sets her off and she
finds any excuse to lash out at you. If she habitually begins to point out your
every flaw, you may want to get to the bottom of what is really going on
because it’s one of the signs that she is a cheat.
·   5. A mysterious friend appears
A telltale sign that she is cheating arises when a
mysterious friend inches his way into the picture. Whether it’s someone she
claims is a co-worker or an old friend from way back, she keeps this friendship
under wraps and is hesitant to share any general details about him, much less
introduce you.
6. She
deflects simple questions
You should be suspicious of your girlfriend when she
refuses to answer the simplest and fairest of questions or answers questions
only after repeating them back to you, which usually indicates a mind that’s
searching for a lie. Be wary of times when, rather than reveal that she got home
at midnight, she begrudgingly asks, “Why do you want to know what time I
left the office?” If she gets defensive about disclosing information that
she used to volunteer without hesitation, she may be hiding something or
someone and it’s one of the surest sings she is cheating on you.
·    7. She shifts priorities away from you
If she is involved in a hot and heavy romance with
someone else, you will definitely feel a shift in her daily priorities.
Suddenly, there are no more implied Sunday dates at the movies or something
always comes up.
Adapted: Yahoo!