How Diamond Platinumz Betrayed ‘Wife’ Zari.. “When A Person Chooses To Cheat On You It’s Not You, Its Them” Says Zari

Tanzanian music superstar, Diamond Platnumz has admitted that he indeed cheated on his babymama/girlfriend, Zari Hassan with a model Hamisa Mobeto, who has now welcomed a son for him.

DiamondPlatinumz and Hamisa

Hamisa, who was a vixen for Diamond’s hit song “Salome”, reportedly revealed how that she was pregnant for the singer after they had an affair.
Diamond Platnumz began cheating on Zari over a year ago with Hamisa and ended up getting her pregnant.

She recently gave birth to a baby boy and named him, Naseeb Abdul Juma which is Diamond’s real name.

She went further to confirm the story after she opened an Instagram account for her son and listed Diamond Platnumz as the father.
The reactions were fanned with the rumours that bongo sensation Diamond Platinumz was the father of Mobeto’s child. The Instagram account name coincides with Diamonds real name.
Diamond came out bashing the video vixen cum model insisting that the child was not his. He went ahead and tweeted explosively aiming at the vixen who featured in his hit song, Salome.

But speaking during a radio interview on Tuesday with popular Tanzanian show host, Leo Tena, Diamond admitted to being the father of the baby boy named Abdul Latif.

He claimed that Zari was aware the whole time of what happened between him and Hamisa while she was busy taking care of her businesses in South Africa.

Zari Hassan

Diamond alleged that he was able to explain to Zari and she was supportive of him, and his mother was the first to visit Hamisa after she gave birth.

“These things happen in life but the most important thing is how you deal with it as a man. There is no need of creating a war where there is none. Later on in life, the children will grow up together and they will be happy as a family.”

Diamond however accused his new babymama of using the situation to destroy his relationship with Zari. He claimed that they had an agreement that he would provide for the child and in return Mobetto would remain silent on the issue so as not to hurt Zari.

He said she disagreed, even after he claimed to have done everything possible to ensure she and the baby are well taken care of, including buying her a new car and paying an allowance.
But Zari refuted Diamond’s claims.

She obviously was not in agreement of a philandering husband or ready to accept any rival.

This is coming after the singer admitted to impregnating his side chick, Hamisa Mobetto and welcoming his third child with her.

Zari in her Snapchat post slammed the singer and further told him google about defamation lawsuit.

Here’s her Snapchat post:

Haha u playing yourself….the lies you telling about me knowing about your side chick….try and fix your mess and stop with the lies…Me being quite doesn’t me am stupid..Be very careful with your words
I may be the mother of your kids and that is the reason am keeping the silence and respect. You might want Google about “Defamation of character law suit” Don’t try me.
That said i will pay no attention to this further..I have an image to keep in the corporate world..And that is at stake…Enjoy the rest of the day.
” (sic)

Then, by Wednesday morning zari posted this on Instagram:

Am such an early morning person as some can see on my snap, usually up by 5am. Let’s start this day on a different note, shall we?
Ladies and gentlemen I’ve heard you loud and clear, the advises, the consolation, the pity, the hurt you feeling on my behalf most of all the betrayal. But let’s look at this on the positive side. When a person chooses to cheat on you it’s not YOU actually its THEM which usually turns out that they played themselves while they thought they are playing you. You should never look down on yourself, don’t ever think you are worthless because of another person’s mistake & never blame yourself. But always look at how to pick yourself up and get going. That said, with my birthday approaching let’s put all this negative energy behind us and appreciate, LIFE

Diamond shared this video of his newborn baby boy: