Flavor’s Baby Mama Anna Banner Shares Stunning Photos

22-year-old former Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria (2013) is hot! The Bayelsa State-born Anna Banner, who was romantically linked with musician Flavour and later became his Baby Mama, decided sharing precious moments with her daughter on social media. Anna Banner and Daughter

But she would always tell you she didn’t set out to be a baby mama.
“I never decided to become a baby mama, I just fell in love. I fell in love and got pregnant unexpectedly for the man I loved. I had never gotten pregnant before and I was scared of abortion. I decided to keep my baby no matter what. I never tried to hold a man down or force marriage on anyone with my pregnancy. You know in life, the hardest decisions always turn out beautiful. I don’t regret keeping my baby one bit. She is my greatest achievement in life so far. I fall in love with her every second of the day,” she said in an interview last year.
Anna Banner and daughter3
She also took a decision and has parted ways with Flavour last year.
“Yes we are no longer together. I made this decision recently (2016). I spoke to myself and decided it was time to move on and focus on my future and career,” she stated.
Despite all, she said is still a friend to the Na’bania crooner.
Anna Banner and daughter5

Anna Banner and daughter6

Anna Banner and daughter7
She said, “Flavour and I are still very good friends. Chinedu is a very nice person with a big heart. We talk about almost everything. I respect him a lot because he is a good person. He has been an awesome father to his child and I respect him for that. He goes extra length to make his daughter happy. He has a beautiful soul.”

Since she has dropped the toga of Baby mama, the beautiful mother of one disclosed her decision to go back to school.

“I plan to go back to school and I plan on a whole lot of things. I won’t say my getting pregnant put a setback on my plans because my baby is the best thing that ever happened to me but I have plans to return to school soon. The future is bright for me.”