My wife
hates sex
I am 28 years old and got married
last year. We have a nine-month-old baby boy. While dating, I loved my woman
but after marriage she is not as loving as I expected.

Anytime I complained
about this to her, she had excuses. She even complained that my demand for sex
was too much! She is not as romantic and denies me of sex always. I love sex so
much that I’m now planning to divorce her because I don’t want to go for
polygamy. I am in pains emotionally and she does not welcome me passionately
whenever I return from the office and I would not want to have girlfriends
outside. Please help me out before I become unfaithful.


I don’t think you should resort
to getting a divorce. The two of you don’t understand each other emotionally. Let
her know that you care. You can also help with the baby and chores, especially
weekends.  You are both very young and
just starting a home, so learn to help overcome each other’s challenges
. Nursing a baby, going to work and doing chores at home could make her
irritable and get bored with sex. I think you should be more patient because
being a wife is different from a girlfriend! You can consult friends to help
talk to her too. She could take to the advice and change her ways.