Cossy Ojiakor Seeks Help! Wants Bigger Buttocks..Contacts Plastic Surgeon (Video)

Busty actress, Cossy Ojiakor is in need currently. Not only that, she is having a heartache due to this need,

The single and yet-to-be-married entertaining actress who is known for her big boobs is seeking to have bigger buttocks. Why? She said she is tired of being body-shamed.

According to Cossy, who has set a deadline for her butt enlargement, her buttocks need to look like her boobs.

Sharing a video on Instagram, Cossy captioned it:

“Hahahahaha…. Seriously thinking of getting a butt surgery. BBL..fat transfer from Tummy to ass… Heard a certified Nigerian surgeon is doing BBL in vgc. Seen pictures and I think I can trust my body to him. Anyway do you think I need it. Benefits of having big butt includes having wide butt to cover the whole toilet seat so that when u mess it stays locked down till you flush. Anyway will get mine done by December or January… Tired of being called flat butt… Just because my butt is so humble. . Hahaha praise my butt and tell me a sweet lie that it’s perky and so biggggg … then maybe I will change my mind. And let the ass stay forever humble.” (sic)