Bola Shagaya’s Dazzling Looks At Son’s Wedding

Still unshaken and still ruling the social establishment, Hajia Bola Shagaya is one fashion pundit who continues to make news in the social circles on account of her rich collection of jewellery on one hand and her svelte looks on the other hand. At almost 60, she has fared well in the looks department.

The astute businesswoman, who is a Member of the Order of the Niger, (MON), is one among few women blessed with youthful looks. A fashion enthusiast, she is always impeccably and elegantly turned out in traditional iro and buba attire or the blouse on skirt.

Not only does this Ilorin, Kwara State born businesswoman have an eye for good clothes and jewellery, she also has a thing for good cars.

This much she exhibited when her son, Kabir wedded his fiancée, Amina Buba. The grand finale of the wedding ceremony took place on Saturday, May 5 at the Landmark Event Center, Victoria Island.
The colour dictate of the day was purple. Aside the open display of affluence that engulfed the ceremonies commemorating the union, Shagaya was able to prove her stance in the social circles.
For Bola Shagaya, the billionaire magnate, who owns one of the largest posh estates in Abuja, life without making impact is not worth living. This was proved by the calibre of guests in attendance.
Looking beautiful as usual, her outfit and make-up remained the talk-of-town.