Bimbo Akinsanya Reveals Why She Left Husband When Her Son Was Only Three Months Old!

A talented and versatile actress, Bimbo Akinsanya was quite popular and a regular face in most movies a few years ago.

A graduate of the Olabisi Onabanjo University, she has been off the screen for a while.

She had been on an all-time low for a while.

Bimbo and son, Eyilayomi
Bimbo and son, Eyilayomi

Obviously, she had laid low for reasons best known to her.

Meanwhile, in a story Kemiashefonlovehaven published wherein a statement was credited to the actress saying she left her husband in 2015 when the baby was three years old.

Well, after many readers observed the irregularities in the records tendered, they took to Facebook to make enquiries.

Surprisingly, Bimbo took to Kemiashefonlovehaven’s wall and corrected:

Morning friends, I never said my son was 3 years. My son was 3 months old when I left my irresponsible husband. Thanks.” (sic)

Bimbo's Eyilayomi
Bimbo’s Eyilayomi

Rewind to May 24, 2014, when she married Olawale Ayoola amidst pomp.

The marriage crashed.
In an interview with Global Excellence magazine in 2015, the beautiful actress, in her submission, said she would rather stay single if marriage like the one she had last was all that is left in the world, because, “I didn’t enjoy a bit of my married life while with my former husband.”

Eyilayomi on his birthday
Eyilayomi on his birthday

“I had to sneak out of my marriage with my little baby boy when life became so hot for me. All I need to say is that, I’m free from the bondage of captivity. I can no longer subject myself to incessant beating like a punching bag. My husband does not regard me as wife, he’s fond of committing several atrocities that are unprintable. He’s such a womanizer that has no competitor. The painful aspect of the matter is that he flirted around with married women of all kinds,” Bimbo stressed.