Xenophobia: NairaMarley Asks God To Judge Nigerian Leaders

Nigerian singer, Azeez Fashola, popularly known as Naira Marley, has asked for God’s judgment on Nigerian leaders.
In a tweet on Tuesday, Naira Marley told God not to waste time but to pass judgment on leaders in Nigeria.
His tweet, “God forgive me, I’m sorry but we can’t wait till judgement day, can you judge our government now please.”
This came hours after he urged the federal government to desist from harassing rich Nigerian youths in the country.
He claimed that the reason wealthy Nigerians based in Dubai have refused to return to their home country is because the Federal Government has made the country tough for them.
According to the ‘Soapy’ rapper who is currently on a business trip in Dubai, rich Nigerians in Dubai continue to lavish their wealth there and continue to contribute in boosting the Arab nation’s economy, while Nigeria’s economy suffers.
However, he called on the Federal Government not to further harass the youths so that they also won’t be tempted to relocate to another country instead of staying back in Nigeria to help the economy.
The recent attacks began last week after a taxi driver was murdered by an alleged drug dealer in Pretoria.
Speculations that the alleged killer was a Nigerian sparked protest, looting and burning of business centres owned by foreigners.
Three Nigerians were said to have been killed in the process with scores injured.