Why You Are Not Getting Married Today

Its another Saturday and thousands of brides all over the globe are walking down the aisle with a beau.
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Too bad you are not one of them. But have you considered the fact that you could also be the cause of your being single? How?

You have not shown him you’ll be a great wife

Be extra helpful and extra sweet to him. Men love being pampered. Wash his clothes, cook and look after him when he is sick. These actions alone can go a long way. He’ll suddenly remember his mother and he’ll realize that he needs to marry someone like her… and that’s you.

You have frightened him!steph coker2
You have talked so much about weddings that he is scared to propose.
What to do? Avoid talking so much about weddings if he hasn’t actually proposed. He might panic and over-think about things. For example, don’t go on and on about this perfect venue, the designer dress you like and how much you’re going to need for the catering. Unless he’s a rich guy, chances are your lavish plans could scare him off a little.

You have refused to be the sweet perfect girl

Can’t you be the perfect woman for your man? Let him understand that he’s got everything he’s looking for in a woman.

You don’t take care of him

Why not make your boyfriend a better man by making him genuinely realise that he can’t live without you or your advice. Often, men need someone to lean on from time to time. He will really realise how much you mean to him when you support and stand by him.

You don’t take him on a date

Sometimes all a man needs is a little bit of encouragement. He may be worried about how and when to pop the question, so why not hand him the perfect opportunity and take him somewhere romantic to help him out.

You have not initiated a frank conversation

Do you see yourself together? If not, it’s probably best to reconsider your plans. If he cannot see himself with you now and you wish to get married, then the alarm bells should be ringing in your head. In case he says he’s unsure about marriage, that doesn’t mean you leave but you certainly need to go a little slower.

You have become too comfortable

Don’t get into the serious relationship lifestyle and forget about your own life and friends. Have a life of your own as well as ambitions so he realizes you can do without him. It’s an intelligent way to make him understand that you can live your own life without him. Guys always want to feel dependable, which gives them more control over the relationship and how it progresses.

You have not retained your friends

Always make him secure, but drop some hints about the guys who are after your affection. Men easily tend to take things for granted. By letting him realise that there are several other guys after you, you’re making him realise that even though you love and care for him very much, you are still not a soft touch. A man will realise your worth only when he thinks you’re a prize he needs to fight for.