What Ladies Desire In Men Before Marrying Them

Sometimes, good people marry for the wrong reasons. A Miss Right marries Mr. Right with the wrong attitude. Why do women marry? What do they marry for? What qualities do they desire in men?
Find below some of the weird things ladies check in men before marrying them:

1. Height
This is the first thing a woman is likely to say when you ask her about the things she desires in a man. Every woman wants men that are tall. No one wants a short man.
Some women would even say they cannot date men that are taller than they. Thus, when they meet men who are tall and have one or two traits that fit their vague qualities, they tune in and fall in love with them.

2. Well-furnished apartment
Ladies do not want to settle for less now when they are planning for marriage. Every woman wants a man who is successful and has different properties to show with it. Men who have their own houses are presumed to be better than men who don’t.
These houses have to be furnished to taste and classy for the women to fit into them. If a man does not have this or something close enough, some women would not agree to marry them.

To be continued