Unlike Lepacious Bose, Ghanaian Fat-Shamed Bride Shuns Weight Loss Campaigners

Nurse Abena

Ghanaian fat-shamed bride, Nurse Abena Tettey, whose
pre-wedding photos went viral on the Internet, remains proud of her weight
despite calls from weight loss campaigners for her to shed some fats.

Now married to Prince Kojo a few weeks ago in Accra
Ghana, Abena, who has started to post pictures of her traditional wedding on
Instagram, quickly chipped this in for weight loss campaigners, who, she said
have flooded her emails with weight loss issues and why she should trim her
She said, “My inbox is constantly flooded with
messages about weight issues and insecurities and how I inspire some of you.
I’m beyond honoured to think my life is making some impact.
You should never let negative thoughts about your size weigh you down or keep
you from living your dream life. If I had listened to nay sayers I would never
be a nurse, I would never drive a car, I would probably go around wearing sack
cloths with my head covered. I would never have opened a social media account
and never posted any pictures online.
Never let the petty minded busy bodies determine how you live your life. A life
half lived should not be yours my lovely people!

With her beau

The couple’s
pictures of a slim groom lifting a fat bride had caused a stir on the Internet
in May 2016. They got married on June 22 in Accra.

The slim
dude sure loves his babe and had said in an interview he loves her size and it
took him a year to win her heart. “
I love her size.
In fact almost everything about her makes me love her. She has a warm heart,
caring, loving and above all God-fearing,
” he said.

With friends

Asked his
reaction whenever
friends or strangers make
fun of her size and the proud husband said, “
Maybe at my back
and not in my face. Because I would not allow anybody disrespect my woman in my
face. She is always happy with how she looks. She doesn’t care about what
people say about her.”