Trouble As Davido Threatens Blogger

Trouble seems to have brewed as a result of Nigerian singer, Davido threatening foreign based music blogger, Ayo Jaguda for cricitising his latest single ‘Wonder woman’.
Ayo Jaguda took to twitter to describe the song as trash and wondered how it got over 1 million views in 24 hours, suggesting the views were bought.
“Song is trash , Video got fair replay value but as e climb 1m views in 24 hours de burst my head”
In reacting to Jaguda’s tweet, Davido threatened and banned him for coming to Nigeria and by extension Africa. He called him bastard

“If dem born u and ur papa well In fact add ur mama !! Come naija Bastard!! Fuck it come Africa !! U go see ! @AyoJaguda”.
Now as it is, any harm on Ayo would be assumed to be as a result of Davido’s threats.
The blogger wasted no time and immediately declared, “My personal opinion is what triggers you, you could have blocked me or said it a better way. You insulted my parents and threatened my life. I have munched this and sent to my lawyers, and also we have same passports so if anything happens to me it’s on you.”