Toyin Abraham Spills It All! “How My Friend Introduced Me To Drugs, Codeine… Why My Marriage Crashed”

Still reaping huge dividends from her latest work, ‘Alakada Reloaded’ Nollywood Actress, Toyin Abraham has decided to put her past behind her and embrace what she calls, ‘a second chance’ from God. Married, divorced, dated a serial thief, enmeshed in project #Save Mayowa# that ended up in scandal; the talented actress had so much on her plate that she ended up with drugs!
Surprised? She bares more in this new interview with Broadway TV

On The Success of Alakada Reloaded.

I am happy, extremely happy. God has been so good to me and my fans so wonderful. I was expecting something like this but not as big as this. N25 million in three days? That’s huge! I am happy.

The Next Big Thing After Alakada Reloaded?

I can’t say for now but I know the next big thing will be bigger than what I have done in the past. It will be bigger and better than Alakada Reloaded in Jesus name.

Factors Responsible for Alakada Reloaded’s success

Jesus, God and the Holy Spirit. Then, my fans. Thirdly, I got the best team. Fourthly, I got the right distribution and publicity. Then, my fans again and also giving people what they want. People want to laugh and I gave them.

A lot has changed about you lately, what are factors responsible for this?

I worked on the negativity around me and I tried to be positive. I had to deal with depression and drugs.

What were the negatives you were tired of?
I didn’t plan for a broken marriage and after my marriage, there were so many negativities. I was emotionally carried away and didn’t heal before jumping into another relationship. I thought I would be healed through another relationship and I realized I didn’t really love myself and I wanted people around to love me. I was focusing on things that didn’t matter. I think I was choosing people before me. I was losing touch with things that used to work for me because I was involved with negative habits like drugs, smoking, codeine… Codeine is very bad! All these things empowered my negative energy. Sometimes, even when I did positive things, it ended up negative. So, I had to stop.

What changed?

I realized I deserve more. I focus more on bigger pictures; I decided to change my team and few people around me. I decided to change my negative habits and I stopped doing lot of bad thing that brought out the negative energy in me.

Did you seek professional help?
OF course, I sought for help. I changed some people and friends around me and I stopped my negative habits. I had to stop.

Is the battle over?

Yes, the battle is 100 per cent over. We need to discipline ourselves and be better persons. I have left my past behind, I am looking forward to the future. The past is now in the past. That is why I agreed to change my name. Initially, when my family wanted everyone to change names, but I said no because of my brand but God showed himself to me and I changed my name to Toyin Abraham. Now, everything about me is past now and I’m in the future.

Who introduced you to drugs?
My friend but truthfully, she is actually changed too. I was able to change her. I felt I needed it (drug) because the trouble was too much for me last year (2016). It started last year and stopped last year. I was not in control of my life anymore. Some things I read were true and some were not true but who do I tell? It was a bad experience… Terrible one.

Who do you owe this gratitude?

I owe it to God almighty for giving me another chance. Then, to my fans. Thank you Toyin Titans, thank you my fans for supporting me even when I messed up. You guys are always there for me. To my team, thank you.

Whose fault was it that your marriage didn’t last?

I would not blame anybody because it takes two to tango. I had my faults, he has his faults too. I think we both brought our negativities into the marriage and it just didn’t work. To my fans, don’t worry guys; I am going to get married and have kids. I have left my past already. I am in the future and I want you to come into that future with me. Lastly, before I go, I just want t thank my family—mummy, daddy, sisters (mentioned their names) for your prayers. Lastly, to Toyin Titans, I love you guys so much. Thank you. But I want you to watch Alakada Reloaded is the first work I did with positive mind and with so much positive energy. I need you guys to support it

What happened to the Project #Save Mayowa#?

That’s another side of me, I left behind. I am always too emotional. I overacted, I saw something. I knew something was fishy. I don’t want to talk about Mayowa. Mayowa, wherever you are, I know you have found peace and may your soul rest in peace.