Toyin Abraham Buys First Car After Mockery From Lizzy Anjorin

Just a few weeks after her online spat with colleague, Lizzy Anjorin, who mocked her for not having a car, new mum, Toyin Abraham, has acquired a new Benz CLA which her husband, Kola Ajeyemi has flaunted on Instagram.
Sharing the photo and video of the new car on Instagram, fans and friends of the Nollywood couple are already sending goodwill messages on this acquisition.
Recall Lizzy Anjorin had called out Toyin Abraham and alleged she is a pauper who could not have her baby in a decent hospital but at a traditional birth attendant facility.
Lizzy also mocked Toyin for not having a car.
“Toyin, it took you 10 days after you gave birth before announcing to the world. Why? You gave birth at a traditional birth attendant facility in Lagos but sold a lie that you gave birth abroad.
You now hired a costumier to take photos for Instagram sake.
Toyin, you said I am jealous of your success. Which success? Do you have a house? You don’t even have a car?
The baby you gave birth to is like my grandchild because I have a grown up daughter who can give birth. Just because we are all wearing jeans you think I am your mate?
You are a failure,” Lizzy Anjorin said in the interview.
Responding, Toyin Abraham’s handlers released a video and facts of the baby’s birth.

First Fact is that Toyin Abraham gave birth to her baby, Ire, at Vedic Lifecare Hospital in Lekki with many foreign doctors in attendance.
That Toyin recorded her child’s delivery.

That Toyin isn’t poor as Lizzy insinuated.

Toyin is wealthy and enjoys endorsement deals from multinational companies and that she is an astute philanthropist.
These are aside the successes recorded at the cinemas and fortunes the actress known as World Best, acquired from her works as a movie star.

What else? That Toyin bought her house in Ibadan in 2018.

The actress and her husband, Kola Ajeyemi currenyly live in Primewater Lekki, Lagos
The newest addition, Benz CLA, also points to the fact that she’s on top of her game.