Tonto Dikeh Offers Men Options On ‘Taming Their Wives’

For those who insinuated that Nollywood actress, Tonto Dikeh has used the Anti Domestic campaign as a platform to fester divorce in marriages, have a rethink.

No, she said she was throwing her weight behind Olori Wuraola’s noble cause and encouraging women who are victims to speak out.

“I think the one issue that actually births the high rate of domestic violence is the fact that we are not talking about it enough. It is the fact that the society is shaming us when we talk about it. So we rather not talk about it, we rather keep it on a hush hush until it is worse. This awareness will create so many…I am sure a lot of men now will be scared to beat their wives now because this awareness is no joke, there are heavyweights here. It is not about ridiculing men like I always say. It is to make us a better person. It is to make our homes better. Nobody is saying run out of your homes. I am not preaching divorce. I am preaching that you speak out, because your life matters. Your children’s lives matter and your husband’s life matters. I don’t think there is any excuse under the face of the earth that God has created that a man should put a hand on his woman. No! There are other options. You can walk away. You can calm down. You can go for therapy. There are so many options than hitting a woman.”