things wives do
Not every wife is a thorn in the flesh. Some
remain a delight to their husbands and possess ingredients that make them happy
is quick to say sorry
It is
virtuous to be the first to apologise during and after any quarrel. Winning
wives do this always
“The woman bears the burden of ensuring peace in
the home at all times. Even if you are right, just say, ‘I’m sorry,’ and move
on because men are egoistic. I apologise whenever there is a quarrel because we
just have to maintain a peaceful atmosphere for the children’s sake.”
Boluwatife is married to Segun Oluwayomi,
gospel artiste
is transparent
Money is a medium of exchange and not the
controlling force of love. A good wife is transparent with financial issues in
a marriage.
“We have
maintained a joint account but we also have separate accounts as well. We are
both transparent as to our earnings, gifts and expenses. It is fair to say that
whoever is buoyant at any time foots the bill.”
—Tayo, a medical
practitioner, is married to Israel Abiara, a gospel artiste
against all odds
circumstance notwithstanding, a wife withstands pressure and embraces the good
of all situations.
“With God, I have coped very well with his fans.
I am not a superwoman but I have adjusted very well. Everybody in the
entertainment industry has fans, it is not limited to just my husband.
—Yvonne, is married to Sam Oguachuba aka Samklef, a rap
She’s submissive
is a virtue. It is what differentiates a woman from a girl.
“It took me time to get used to submitting
wholly because I had become used to being independent.”
Precious is married to William Orioha, aka
2shotz, a musician
get overly jealous
Jealousy, though allowed in any relationship, becomes
destructive if not controlled.
I am
not jealous of his fans because I expected it. He is in the public eye and expected
to have female fans. I know my man and I also know that whatever any girl does
outside is to her own detriment. My husband will always come back to me.”
is married to  Seun Kentebe, an actor
scores amicably
It’s impossible to have a quarrel-free relationship but a
good wife learns how to settle with her spouse on time
agreed never to go to bed with hurts. We must talk about the problem and trash
it out no matter how long it takes. So far, we have done that and it has helped
a great deal.”
an On-Air-Personality, is married to Bobby Agwunobi
She does not shout
When a
wife engages her husband in a shouting match, she exposes her relationship as a
prey in the hands of third parties
“Our kind of quarrel is not one that makes
people shout and scream at each other. This has never cropped up in our 13
years of marriage. If he is upset, I know what to do and vice versa.”
Yvonne Ebbi, an etiquette expert, is married
to Ken
She’s wise
directs the affairs of any long-standing marriage. A wise wife knows what to do
at the right time.
“He gets angry easily, especially when he does
not have money.  When he is angry, we all
keep our distance.”
—Chibuzor is married to Francis Odega, an actor