Tiwa Savage Clashes With Sports Journalist, Anazodo

Pop musician, Tiwa Savage, has clashed on Twitter with sports analyst, Charles Anazodo.
The 39-year-old singer was a guest on The Beat FM in Lagos on Thursday
She was said to have walked past Mr Anazodo and another colleague of his without stopping for pleasantries.
Anazodo tweeted his disgust at her action, saying: “@TiwaSavage was a guest on @THEBEAT999FM earlier today, arrived and walked past @kallyjoe and I, and didn’t have the courtesy to say hello. I guess being a superstar gives you the right to be discourteous.”
In response, Tiwa, who just released a song ‘49-99’, said she did not stop for pleasantries because she had a hat on and was late for her interview on the radio station.
She added that she was glad she did not say hello first, asking who Anazodo thought he was that he could not greet her first.
“First of all I’m sure you saw me rushing to the studio because I was late for my interview plus I had a hat on, second I’m glad I didn’t say hi because who are you to think you can’t say hi first,” she said.
“I’m nobody, just another human being. Cheers,” he said.