Three Men Want My Hand In Marriage

Dear Kemi,

I’m a lady in my 20s and in a dilemma of who to choose as my life partner. There are three men in my life currently. One is 36 years old and a single father of one. His daughter is already eight years old. He is not married to the mother of that child, he has proposed to me. The second guy is 28 years old, not educated and I’m known to all his family members and he has proposed to me too. The problem is that I don’t love any of them but they are both caring, loving and very kind. Whenever we are together, I hardly feel anything for them. But there is another guy, who I am so in love with. This guy has not proposed to me, he hardly calls me but I love him. What do I do? Should I leave all of them and start a new life?
Christy, B. A
I would advise that you forget the third guy, who has not proposed. You can now work on your mind and pick any of the two guys, who had proposed to you. It is safer for you to choose someone who loves you and cares for you than someone who hardly calls you. Open your heart and be sincere with yourself. Of the two men, who do you think would make you happy? It’s difficult for me to decide your choice because I don’t know the guys. You know them better. Moreover, if you believe jilting all of them and looking elsewhere is the solution, nothing stops you. But from what I have observed in relationships, many single ladies have mistaken Mr. Right to be a boyfriend and dumped him for Mr. Available! They have stupidly allowed their hearts to roam after other un-serious men, who would never marry them. I hope you don’t fall into this same trap.