The Woman Who Stole Segun Arinze’s Heart After He Left Ann Njemanze

After the bitter divorce from actress Anne Njemanze, many wondered who the next woman would be.segun arinze and wife, Julia (1)

Nollywood actor, Segun Arinze’s marriage to Anne Njemanze a.k.a Domitilla, crashed like a pack of badly stacked cards. Not only that, it was fraught with scandals.

He met Oguta-born Julia afterwards and the marriage has surprisingly stood the test of time.

Really, a lot of fans and colleagues never gave it a thought that his marriage would last.

Why? They thought Segun was violent as alleged by Anne.

But the story seems different with Julia.

Now a father of six kids from three women, Segun Arinze is a new man in his marriage with Julia.

The fashionable Julia works in an oil company and has learnt to ‘take cover’ from any form of publicity. Quite amiable, she attends most red-carpet events with him and they pose for photographs together. A keen observer will notice that Segun would hardly leave his wife’s side at any event and when he does, he would keep coming back to check on the mother of three! Obviously they are smitten with each other.

Anytime they were at an event, guests would watch as they cooed into each other’s ears like new lovers! Not a few guests, especially colleagues wondered where this new romantic Arinze emerged from!