Teju BabyFace Dedicates Twins…Narrates How Wife’s Faith Saw Her Through 5 Years of Childlessness

TV host, Teju ‘Babyface’ Oyelakin and his wife, Tobi entertained friends and family members on Sunday, July 1, 2018 when they dedicated their set of twins in Lagos.

The couple welcomed a set of twins recently after six years of a childless union.

Teju, who anchors a TV show on TV, got married to Tobi, a model, on September 1, 2012 in Lagos.

@tejubabyfaceoyelakin recalls their years of waiting during their Twins dedication on Sunday. Writing to his wife, Tobi, he said, “I was obsessed with beauty as a young man. Ah, I just had to marry a hot wife o. My father was quite concerned about this and cautioned me over and again.
‘It takes much more than beauty son; You need a woman of strength and humility’, he would say.

Teju and Tobi
Couple with Barr Muiz Banire
Teju’s mum and friends

With TeeA, Julius Agwu

I can’t claim I really listened. All I can say is that I somehow got lucky and stumbled into you @tobibanjokooyelakin . And then we got married with the same dreams of starting a family that nearly every couple has. Our families too were waiting. Especially mine. After all, my dad passed away just a few months before we got married and we wanted a (new) child to soothe our pain.

And then it didn’t happen. Not in the first year. Or 2nd. Or 3rd. Or 4th. And year 5 started and was almost ending the same way. Ah! And yet in all that time I only saw you cry one time. Just once. Very short tears. Not even when someone wrote the most cruelest of comments to a picture you posted on social media in our 4th year of marriage did you cry in my presence. Mostly, you would smile and laugh over the aching and longing and say ‘God will do it’. .

I confess now that sometimes I doubted. But you were right and God honoured your faith with double. May the joy He has given you never be taken from you and may His words remain true concerning us that ‘it was said among the nations that see what the Lord has done for them’.

With Gbenga Adeyinka

With the Ali Babas
Tobi and comedian Arole, couple with arole, Asiricomedy
Julius Agwu leads paise jam
With Tosin Dokpesi and Namure

With TeeA’s mum, sister, brother and TeeA’s wife, her sisters

For all who are waiting on the Lord, I say this to you: hold Him to His word! He promised it to you and you must demand it in faith. He will come through. He ALWAYS does for He does not lie. It’s impossible. Ahan, He’s not a son of man that he should lie… .”