Teenager Tells Dude To Come For Her If At 30 She Is Unmarried & He Did

You just need to ignore her size and compare it to her large heart which is full of laughter. She is a stand-up comedian and Emcee.

Oluwabibs (as she’s fondly called) got married to her beau in September 2017.

Her superlative wedding which held in Lagos recently had videos that went viral on social media. Currently on honeymoon, she narrated how she found love as a teenager in secondary school.

Then,both of them were students.

She sent the ‘boy’ away but with a warning that turned to a prophesy, “I told him to come for me, if by 30, I was unmarried,” she said.

Narrating her story Oluwabibs said:

The Power of Words
I met this dude when I was in Secondary School, I remember he asked for my no and I was too afraid to give him #LandLinePhoneUsers will understand especially when the phone has an extension. We kept meeting and became homies back then. I knew I liked him but didn’t know what to do with the Liking plus all them IdrisElba and Chris Hemsworth were toasting me then. We stayed friends for years always catching up when he was on holiday from school. As a teenager I opened this my mouth and told him if by the time I was 30 I was unmarried he should come back and Marry Me… He came back. Now I know why God said wait, now I know the reason for all the ‘disappointments’ because God was saving me for my BEST FRIEND my padi for real for real. When I met him 18 years ago I had NO IDEA the glasses wearing dude telling me about his straight A’s (in my mind I was like show off oshi) would end up being the Lord and Master of our Yard. I am grateful it was you, I am soooooo happy I waited, I am blessed to be your friend, super proud to bear your name – it’s been 18 years of knowing you yet it’s the beginning of our 80+ years in this life and 80+ in all the lives to come. Love you.
” (sic)

Lovehaven wishes them a happy married life.