Suitors Bombard Actress Moyo Lawal With Marriage Proposals

Moyo Lawal

Last weekend, it was Banky Wellington—a desperate lady had
written him a marriage proposal.
This week, it’s the turn of pretty but petite actress, Moyo
Lawal. She has been inundated with marriage proposals since she said on social
media she wanted a man like Kanye West who is married to Kim Kardashian.  Why did she desire Kanye of all men on earth?  Moyo’s reason was not far-fetched— a man who
retweeted his wife’s nude picture is the best in the world! He would be able to
cope with her success.
That kicked off a barrage of proposals and on Instagram
today, she decided featuring one of the proposals.

“Dear Moyo,” started the letter, which was sent at 5.35am
today. He wrote the headline as, “I can tolerate the nude pictures.”
The writer continued:
Honestly, I have been looking for an opportunity to talk to
u, but your instagram helped me by providing me with your email address. I am
very interested in marrying someone as beautiful as u not minding the number of
nude pictures you upload online in a day. Will treat u real good; satisfy u in
all ramifications, you know what I mean. I want to assure you that as your
husband that I intend to be I have no business with uploading ur pictures
online. All I want from u is loyalty, honesty, sincerely and above all,
faithfulness. My Instagram handle is (Moyo deleted this) or reach me on my
mobile line (Moyo deleted this too). Thanks, I will be expecting to hear from
u. Reply.
” (sic)

Livid with anger, the pretty actress posted
her feelings:

What is this nonsense??? Please all you
” Kanye ” applicants should STOP applying ….filling my DM and inbox
with rubbish ( besides I detest men who are not intelligently sound whether
when we get married and are stuck in a room forever, it is how much money you
have ,we will be discussing)…. The fact you don’t even understand my message
shows you shouldn’t even think of contacting me ……….. …………. I
wrote and I quote … “A man CONFIDENT enough to let his wife be herself (yes,
even retweeting her nude pictures) (because he knows she will never CHEAT)
” meaning he understands and accepts her career and has enough confidence
to know she is not a slut, she will not disrespect his obvious love for her by
sleeping around to get ahead or to get money… (let me get petty like you
people)….not like them married hypocritical prostitutes ( yes yes yes…) who
are always fully dressed But cutting different shows around town or should we
get started on the office romance between married staff…. P.s don’t get it
twisted, the obvious ones are the faithful ones ….check the marriages
???…. Facts never lie …. P.s am only responsible
for what I write not what you understand….. P.s p.s p.s things are never what
they seem to be. Am still tighter… yes tighter than the most decently dressed
single lady you know yes yes yes, you can quote me. Still #thebaddestgoodgirlyouknow.”

Moyo, who has starred in many Nollywood
movies, is still single.