Senator Dino Dares Nigerians As He Displays Exotic Cars

Today, the Kogi Senator, Dino Melaye decided to display some of his exotic cars in the garage.

Showing off the latest fleet, which includes Rolls Royce,Vintage cars and Sports Utility Vehicles.

Captioning his photos, he wrote:

My Toys. My passion Noni! Talk oya talk”.

Maybe what most Nigerians don’t know about Dino is the fact that he has always loved cars. When Kemi Ashefon interviewed him as a legislator in the House of Representatives, Dino talked about his passion for cars:

““I just love cars. It’s a passion that has been with me from the days when I could not afford to buy a bicycle. I love good cars and despite the fact that I have drivers, there are many days I drive myself.”

When asked why he has a passion for cars and he said, “Why do some men have passion for wrist-watches? Or why do some have passion for power-bikes or shoes? It is based on the personality and not why he loves a particular thing. Why do men have passion for woman and vice versa? I don’t know why I just have a passion for cars but it is a weakness in me.”