Ronke Shonde Died of Acute Respiratory Seizure—Autopsy

A much anticipated autopsy report has indicated that the late Mrs. Ronke Shonde,
who was allegedly killed by her husband, Lekan, might not have died as a result of domestic violence afterall.
 The final autopsy report,
which got to the Office of the State Department of Criminal Investigation
(SCIID) at Panti, on Wednesday night, showed that the victim died of an Acute
Respiratory Seizure, bruises and clustered water in the head.

According to an impeccable source, “The final autopsy result has been released.
In fact, it is just getting to the SDCI. The summary of the report is that she
did not die  as a result of the bruises on her body. She died from respiratory seizure.” 
The source said that there was no link between the bruises on the woman’s skin
to her death, adding that it could not be clear if any of the three causes of
deaths were as a result of violence or aggressive battery.

The report, which was signed by one Dr. Shoyemi, a Pathologist at the Lagos
State University Teaching Hospital (LASUTH) Ikeja, confirmed that late Shonde
died as a result of respiratory seizure.

Source: globalbanta