Pandemonium As Actress Who Dated Michael Essien Attempts Suicide

Gambian actress Princess Shyngle who revealed that she dated footballer, Michael Essien while married to his wife Akosua Puni, has allegedly attempted suicide in Lagos on Tuesday.


Ms Shyngle was reported to have taken an overdose of drugs and bleach
The actress is said to have been placed in the emergency section due to the critical nature of her health.
Reason behind the alleged act remains unknown as at press time.
The 28-year-old had in a post on Instagram on Friday December 7 hit out at people always talking negatively about her.
She wrote that she was trying so hard to impress people until she got broke, adding that it took her parents’ intervention to get her back on track.
A few months ago, Shyngle revealed she was in an amorous relationship with the former Chelsea star for a year.
The sexy actress who chronicled personalities she dated including the former Real Madrid and AC Milan player also revealed that 99.9% of the guys she dated couldn’t satisfy her. On Essien and how she got to know about his marriage, she said throughout the time she was with Michael Essien she never knew he was married with two children however, she found out after photos of them kissing went viral.
Here is her post five days ago:

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The same people that called me stupid, desperate, a show off and runs girl when I bought my Porsche are the same people laughing at me, calling me a broke celebrity because I sold my car and now use uber ?. The same people that called me useless, show off, stupid and not smart when I rented and lived in a 4 bedroom house are the same people laughing at me now , calling me a disgrace, a broke slay queen because I now live in a studio apartment ?. The same people that called me a show off , living a fake life because I used to fly business class and post pictures are the same people calling me broke and useless cuz I fly economy and post it ?. The same people that called me ashawo because I used to buy designer shoes and bags ( LV, Gucci , Prada) , are the same people calling me broke, classless and cheap because I now buy and wear ( primark, Zara, h&m ) ???. Buying a Porche, renting a four bedroom house, flying business class and spending on designers were the dumbest things I ever did, I was trying so hard to impress the world and the gram, using my every penny to look expensive while my bank account was empty ?? but I thank God for my parents for slapping sense into me and got me to get rid of all the things I didn’t need and be myself. They thought me to invest in lands, properties, shares, bank stocks etc. I now live on a monthly budget, I now pay myself salary every month out of my investments. I’m literally living my best life, I’m happy with myself and the life I’m living, I now have real and genuine friends that are with me for me and not for what they think I have. Life is so simple but we tend to make it hard on ourselves just to impress people but let me let you know one thing, you can never ever impress people , try and live a satisfied life because a satisfied life is better than a successful life. Because our success is measured by others , but our satisfaction is measured by our own soul, mind and heart. Start planning for your future, for the next 5 / 10 years and use your money wisely ❤️.I hope my tbt will inspire someone out there.

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