Osun Election: Actress, Ireti Doyle Commends Davido’s Loyalty

Famous Nollywood actress, Ireti Doyle has praised Davido for his involvement in Saturday’s Osun State gubernatorial election.
According to the actress, who is married to broadcaster, Patrick Doyle, a sense of loyalty and passion go hand-in-hand in the realization of political success.

She wrote: “The way I see it, if a quarter of us got involved and pursued our political preferences with as much passion, single-mindedness, loyalty, doggedness and “we die here” fervour that Davido has displayed and sustained over the last several days, it’s safe to say that the last 2 decades probably wouldn’t have gone down the way they have and we probably wouldn’t be in the current socio-political situation we are in.

“It doesn’t matter how cerebral or articulate you are; back seat driving and arm chair political analysis don’t change a thing. Everyone is analysing what A, B, C and D are doing, the real question is what are you doing? How are you getting involved? What is your political preference and how are you ensuring that you are effectively represented? Alas, classic Nigerianese, you no go do, person wey gree do will be damned for doing..Na so! Davido has found his “why”. I am PVC ready currently on the look out for my “why”. A candidate who’s politics I agree with, who I feel I can trust.”