OnBecoming: Drama As Toke Makinwa & Maje Ayida Resume Court Hearing

Not a few were amused on Tuesday December 4, 2018 when slay queen and On Air Personality, Toke Makinwa and her former husband, Maje Ayida appeared in court for the hearing of a N1000m suit slammed on Toke by Maje.

Fitness expert Maje Ayida slammed his ex-wife Toke Makinwa with a N100million lawsuit for defamation of character in her book, “On Becoming” .

Maje was the first to take his oath, and while his documents were admitted as evidence without objection. Maje’s attorney proceeded on examining him before a cross examination by the defendant’s lawyer.

Toke published a book, ‘On Becoming,’where she accused her ex, Maje of infecting her with STD and ill treated her. The case was brought before Hon. Justice Ogunjobi of the High Court of Lagos State

Here’s how the court proceedings went according to Harold Benson:

-During cross examination, Maje told the court that he doesn’t know Toke’s financial worth and if she can pay the N100m.

-Toke’s lawyer sought to tender a letter written by Maje but his lawyer objected on the ground that the letter cant be tendered through Maje.

-In defence, Toke’s lawyer replied that, the letter sought to be tendered, is to prove that Maje was a cold-blooded husband.

-When Maje was asked how old Toke was when they first met, the celebrity gym expert said 19. He was further asked how he knew and he said “that was what they told.”

-Toke and Maje’s lawyers were said to have had a go at each other and were only calmed by Justice Ogunjobi, who called both lawyers to his chambers.

-When the court resumed after both lawyers were calmed by the judge, Maje was asked about having a live-in-lover.

-Maje however denied having a live-in lover, but admits to womanizing. He actually says he’s a womanizer. He mentions 2 women: Hauwa and Aisha. He also admits to impregnating Anita.

-Maje also said Anita was his ex-girlfriend at the time he impregnated her but he had visited her and they had sex which resulted to pregnancy when he had issues with Toke.

-Maje also admitted that he also travelled to Florida with another of his ex-girlfriend, Erika.
-Maje denied infecting Toke with STI. He says he has no medical record of having STI.

-Toke’s lawyer then asks if Maje used a condom when he impregnated Anita

-The Judge suggests counsel used “contraceptive” instead of “condom.”

-After the question was rephrased, Maje said he did not use contraceptive at the time he impregnated Anita.

-Maje was again questioned by the defence counsel if he had sexual intercourse with Erika, Hauwa, Aisha and if he used contraceptive and he says he reserves his answer but later responded saying ‘sometimes.’

-Maje is then asked if he disclosed to Toke that he had a son with another woman, one Crystal Cullingham when he and Toke started dating. He says he had the son during an on and off period with Toke.

-When Maje was asked if he had told Toke about the son with Cullingham, he answered saying that Toke found out about the son on her own.

-Toke’s lawyer ended the cross-examination for Maje.