Oluwo Of Iwo Unveils Plans On New Wife …How He Fell For Queen Chanel Chin’s ‘Contract Marriage’

The Oluwo of Iwo Abdulrasheed Adewale Akanbi has revealed his plans on replacing his ex-wife Chanel Chin who he accused of trying to kill him.

Recall the Oluwo in the last days of 2019 released a statement announcing the collapse of his marriage with Channel Chin and warned the public from transacting any business that has to do with the crown with the former queen.

He has been a bachelor king since then.

But the controversial monarch has disclosed in an interview with the NATION  that he would get married again, but not anytime soon.

He said, “I will take my time. I’m not in a rush. Let everybody go and take it easy. I’m not in a rush. I will take my time; I will have a great wife.”

On whether his people are pressurizing him to replace former queen Chanel Chin, the monarch denied such but revealed that his former wife came to the palace ‘on contract.’

Oluwo further explained what his subjects never knew about his union with Chanel Chin.

He said in parts, “Getting a wife is a personal thing. I know that they don’t want another wife that will poison me again. A wife that because she is not getting enough money, she wants to poison you, she wants to sell you out to people that contested the stool with you; a wife that wants to take ransom since she came into the palace on contract basis with her handlers.

“I didn’t know her from Canada; I knew her from Nigeria. She had handlers who set her up for the palace. Guess what they told her to do? Many things. Since the day she got in, she had been recording. Why would a woman be recording for four years? When I got her and I said this is what you have been doing and she started asking for ransom, threatening that she would release the video to the public, I said go and put it out. If God is the one that put me on this throne, nobody can remove me. Olodumare, God vindicated me.”

He also gave reasosn why he would always be a one-wife king

“It is not that I prefer monogamy. Polygamy is a cultural thing. It is a way of life for some people. It did not start today. If you check the bible, you will see that Isaac, Jacob, they all had many wives. It is the way of life of some people. Our fathers used to have many wives. But me as a servant of the people, it is not that I prefer monogamy. I have a lot of work to do as the servant of the people, so I will like to stay just with one wife. If I can have the strength and power later, maybe I will take one more. But if you have a lot of work to do outside, you have to rest; you have a lot of work to do inside also. You have to satisfy your wives. But if it is only one, we can still be managing out of love. We serve the community together.”