Nollywood Actress Opeyemi AIyeola Reveals How Her Fan Became Her Lover

Based in London, United Kingdom, Nollywood actress, Opeyemi Aiyeola is married and on March 24, celebrated her 10th wedding anniversary.

The mother of two who was recently in Nigeria for her movie production decided celebrating her husband whose birthday is also on the same date.

She wrote on her Instagram page:

Ope aiyeola1

“The Owolomonse’s divine arithmetic: 1 + 1= 1 + 1 +1 = 1
No matter how many times we increase , we will always be 1. We are the magic no 1 ❤️?. 1 God, 1 faith, 1 love ❤️ = 1 family. Results of our 10years of union , 11 years of friendship @olasexcyI love my husband n my husband loves me too. We are both playful n can be very silly ?. He is the peace maker while I am the trouble shooter?. When I start my wahala he is always calm n cool which has helped so far. Wen pushed to his limits he exits n return to do the ‘wake up dear its time to talk ‘ grandma style which always work. I cook n he cooks too. I nanny our champs n he does too. He is my bank n I am His too ( with caution?), He supports me every time I have to go follow my dream cos he understand I will be miserable without my career n I do same too, I encourage him to do manly things with his good friends n he does too ( I rarely do?) , He is very fashionable n encourages me to be too ( by shopping for me n elping me dress up). He loves n respect my family n I do too. He always support n NEVER ridicule me before his family even wen I am wrong n I do same too. I am the no nonsense parent n he is the spoil me silly 1 yet we speak with one voice. His leadership is democratic n for that I am glad n grateful. He reciprocate my sacrifice with love, respect n appreciation n I do too. We’re both sinners with load of imperfections that’s y forgiveness is key in our relationship. So far so good my @olasexcy we’re waxing stronger by the day. Thank you for your friendship,support, understanding, patience n love my handsome commander in chief . It’s our 10th wedding anniversary .

It’s 10yrs already? I remember it like yesterday. All I can say is THANK YOU JEHOVAH???. We’ve had moments, moments of tears n laughter, moments of quarrel n friendship, moments of disagreement n agreement, moments of discouragement n encouragements, moments of faithlessness n strong faith, moments of rumours n truth but the good news is we’ve weathered through it all together n still weathering it through. You were a fan turned boyfriend, lover , and husband. You are full of LOVE❤️ for ur CHAMPS n I and I am grateful ?. As the commander in chief of this home I salute ur wisdom, strength, endurance, patience, faith n love. May the supreme commander continue to be in charge of ur life n complete the good work he has started in you as u lead us to our expected destination. Happy 10th yr wedding anniversary to us oko mi, Olowo ori mi, my commander in chief.” (sic)

Congrats to the couple!