Nollywood Actor Emeka Ike Shades Divorced Wife For Abandoning Four Kids

For the new Actors Guild Of Nigeria, AGN President and Nollywood actor, Emeka Ike, life must go on after his epic divorce from former spouse Emma.

But he would occasionally throw jabs at her for acting foolishly.

Which spouse wouldn’t do this anyway?

Well, Emeka posted the photo of his four kids and wrote:

“They give me reason to smile. My everyday crush, love you all.”

As expected, his followers started responding and one said, “Appreciate your wife everyday for giving you these cuties!” (sic)

Promptly, Emeka, whose friends have supported him thus far and cast aspersion on his former spouse for ingratitude and infidelity, replied:

“Only GOD gives children, no human can… I gave, she received n delivered. Even “rats” makes babes … a mother is farrrrr different from “wife”. May GOD help our today wives to understand “motherhood” amen.”

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Recall that for two years, Emeka’s former spouse, Emma, citing domestic violence, had headed for the court and prayed that her now 17-year-old marriage to Emeka Ike be dissolved.

Then, Ike has continued to deny the claims, pleading with the court to not separate them as he still loved his wife and wanted her back.

But the Emeka and Emma union, which produced four children, was dissolved on March 2, 2017 by the Lagos Island Customary Court.

The president of the court, Awos Awosola, granted the request of Emma who in July 2015, had approached the court to dissolve her marriage over allegations of physical abuse she suffered while they lived together as a couple.

The Nollywood actor, who was said to have had a joint account with the mother of his children and even built a secondary school in her name in a the Magodo area of Lagos before the break up was said to have knelt down in the courtroom begging his wife to stay back and not walk out of their marriage.

The court granted custody of their four children to Emeka Ike and added that their mother be granted easy and unhindered access to them. He also ordered the refund of the N300 Emeka paid as dowry when they got married.

Meanwhile, after Emma got her divorce in March and had a press conference to that effect, Emeka Ike’s Personal Assistant, Oruma Michael also took to his social media platform to give a piece of his mind on the isssue and also accused Pastor Kris Okotie of the Household of God Church as the brain behind the marriage collapse.

Excerpts of what Oruma wrote:

”Now we have kept quiet for too long, allow time to run by to allow them to settle their differences but what I’ve found out that some disgruntled wealthy men are bent on wrecking his home and taking his wife as their slut. Okay now, take the wife and leave this guy alone!!!!Wetin??

He told the court, he wanted her back, a pastor rented a house and man bought her a new car. Take her oga and let this guys live in peace, he has moved on with his Kids, all 4 of them, happy with their new lives and he has built his business back and his reputation stable.

Going about acting a slut to a pastor will not help you because the other women that have passed through that process are all junkies now because your pastor lover laces them with drugs before sex.

You will end up dismantled and deformed like the other women of Pastor Chris Okotie.” (sic)