Newborn Dies As Doctors Fight In Theater

A hospital worker leaked a startling video recorded from inside an operation theater of a hospital in India’s western state on Wednesday, showing doctors engaged in a verbal brawl as a patient undergoing emergency C-section lies sedated between them.

When one of the doctors, the obstetrician, finally delivered the baby, it did not survive long before it finally died.
The fight between the doctors as they argued loudly, calling each other names and even threatening each other was surreptitiously recorded on a mobile phone by a staffer at Umaid Hospital in Jodhpur district.
The newborn reportedly died because of the negligence of the doctors.
“The 30-minute long fight went on even as the woman’s newborn baby was dying in front of them,” reports said.
Local government has suspended the two doctors and ordered an inquiry into the incident.
Meanwhile, the state’s high court has taken cognisance of the video and sought a report from hospital administration over the incident.
The incident came weeks after negligence of hospital authorities in Uttar Pradesh state killed 63 children due to lack of oxygen at a medical college hospital.
The deaths triggered an outrage and exposed the loopholes in the country’s healthcare.
In another development, an India top government official said that as many as 42 children have died at a government hospital in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh within the year.